Up-and-coming writer

After three years of floundering at this writing gig, I’ve managed to receive my most encouraging short story rejection yet–a Silver Honorable Mention in The Writers of the Future Contest.

I’m elated and encouraged, but there’s still a lot to learn if I am to either sell enough enough short stories at a professional rate to be disqualified from the contest in the future, or to win it.

Weird fiction is my preferred form, but I’ve dabbled in soft science fiction and low fantasy. My interests lie in the stories that successfully evade genre definitions, or are otherwise considered ‘literary’ by the public.

This website will just serve as a placeholder until I start racking up publications. And when that happens, other enhancements such as a mailing list and a redesign will certainly follow. I am not too fond of blogging or the various social media which complement many writers’ websites, unfortunately. Not to disparage those who find uses for these outlets, but I struggle to see their benefits in my own life.

For any inquiries or comments, please visit my Contact Page. E-mail is the best and only way to reach me, and I do respond to them all.

Thank you for stopping by.