Novel Finished: Whose Way Was Worn

November 10, 2017

I finished the first draft of my (fourth) novel, provisionally entitled Whose Way Was Worn.

It’s about a young woman who becomes afflicted with an inexplicable malady which acts as a catalyst for paranoia, brainwashing, and self-destruction. When the progenitor of her mysterious affliction presents her with the unconscionable conditions she must meet in order to obtain the cure, she automatically agrees–only to discover that the path to recovery may not be worth the pain she must inflict upon herself and others.

That’s my ad libbed pitch. My trusted first reader will comb through the manuscript and tell me how many ticks he finds. You know: those flagrant errors invisible to the writer, but which drain power from the story nonetheless.

After that? Who knows. I can try for one of the big publishers, or I can write the next book and shelve this one for later. There is no set path in this industry anymore, and every author has a different publication journey.

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